DrupalCon Seattle: Be Human, Think Digital. April 9-12, 2019

STAUFFER at DrupalCon Seattle!

We are looking forward to DrupalCon 2019 in Seattle. Please take a minute to find me (Rain Breaw Michaels) and Chris Stauffer, as we will both be attending.

I personally had the great privilege and pleasure of being part of the speaker selection team, in the Accessibility, Architecture, Design, Diversity & Inclusion, Site Building, and UX tags.

This has been a deeply rewarding experience. I have had the opportunity to get to know fellow members of the Drupal Community better than ever, and to learn from the diverse range of experiences and opinions represented by the team as a whole. And while reviewing hundreds of high quality submissions in an effort to find the ones that most effectively suited this year’s DrupalCon program was daunting, it was also enriching and highly educational.

Check out STAUFFER Sessions!

Growing the Army of Women: A Case Study

In collaboration with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
Wednesday, April 10 @ 2:15pm // Exhibit Stage Level 4

Leah Eshraghi, Nikki Laurita, and Rain MIchaels will present about updating a well established and trusted online experience to entirely new technologies and workflows presents a daunting challenge, and not just from the engineering standpoint! In this case study, we will take a look at how the Army of Women made this transition. Additionally, we will look at what we learned while trying to expand our user-base, and how a Drupal site with complex workflows and scientific review processes and a mobile application have been brought together to build our Army.

Check out the Army of Women site at armyofwomen.org and the Army of Women Mobile App

More details about Growing the Army of Women »

No longer lost in translation: how to convert business requirements into Drupal-speak

Rain Michaels
Wednesday, April 10 @ 3:45pm // 602-604 Level 6

One of the most challenging aspects of building (and scoping!) a Drupal site is translating what a non-technical client requests into actual requirements that can be built by overly-technically-literate developers.

More details about No longer lost in translation »

Other sessions we are looking forward to

How to Champion Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

Davida Johnson
Wednesday, April 10 @ 2:30pm // 618 Level 6

The media has long been talking about the diversity gap in tech and asking the question, “Where are the women?”  This session will explore what those gaps are and why they exist.

Why we are excited: Rain basically begged Davida to participate, as she has seen a version of this excellent talk in person, and it is both inspiring and exceptionally relevant to where we need to be going with technology as we move forward.

More details about How to Champion Diversity and Inclusion in Tech »

Accessibility Deep Dive Workshop

Aimee Rae and Caroline Boyden
Wednesday, April 10 @ 12:30pm // 615 Level 6

How do you create an accessible website or application? How do you know you’ve succeeded?

Why we are excited: Because it matters.

More details about Accessibility Deep Dive Workshop »

There are a whole host of other sessions we would love to highlight, but then this post would be far too long. Instead, look for updates from @rainbreaw on Twitter as we get closer to April 9-12.

Find Us!

I’m sure to be quite busy between supporting the speakers I’m assigned to represent, giving my own presentations, and volunteering at the DDI (Drupal Diversity & Inclusion) booth, but I hope you’ll try to find or ping me: @rain on Drupal Slack, @rainbreaw on Twitter and LinkedIn. You might also find me in the sprint room working on accessibility review of the Drupal Core Media Initiative.

Chris will also be around, so be sure to find him and say hi.

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