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Find Us At DrupalCampLA August 24-25, 2019

Chris Stauffer, our CEO, and Rain Michaels, our Director of User Experience, are excited to share their knowledge about building inclusive digital experiences with curious Drupalistas and open source enthusiasts at this year’s DrupalCampLA!

What Is DrupalCampLA?

DrupalCampLA is a free conference designed to unite, educate, and inform the Drupal community in Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout the Southern California Areas about the versatility, intelligence, and user experience Drupal provides designers, developers, organizations, and end users. 


Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25, 2019


DrupalCampLA will take place in the classrooms in and around the School of Engineering of the University of California, Irvine; The same on-campus location as the 2016-18 Drupal Camps. 

What will be be talking about?

  • The Promote Drupal Initiative

  • Easy ways to build or remediate for accessibility (WCAG 2.1 Level AA / ADA compliance)

  • Ways that design systems can enhance accessibility and inclusion

Join Chris For An Informative Review of the Promote Drupal Initiative

Discover the importance of the Promote Drupal Initiative during a group discussion, led by Chris, and learn more about the resources, goals, benefits, and empowering capabilities associated with driving organizations to participate in the Drupal platform. 

This group discussion focuses on driving business growth by communicating the distinct achievements of Drupal Agencies, and how their expertise and commitment to Drupal’s brand and strategic messaging connects with new decision makers and influencers. 

This session encourages Drupal advocacy and is designed for everyone, regardless of their technical skill level. 

Discuss The Importance of Inclusive Digital Experiences with Rain

Rain is a Certified Professional In Web Accessibility by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals and has written about Why Accessibility Matters to inform our clients, colleagues, and partners of the importance of digital accessibility and universal inclusion.

This Easily Accessible session promotes achieving the high level of accessibility during a project’s concept phase, so the perceived difficulties, budget constraints, and design implementation features are simplified upfront and continued throughout the building process. 

At DrupalCampLA, Rain will provide insight into how content strategy allows the website’s creators and owners to improve accessibility incrementally, delivering lasting results with minimal effort. 

This session provides straightforward tips to significantly improve accessibility and is designed for everyone, regardless of their technical skill level. 

Learn New Ways To Strengthen User Bonds Through Atomic Design with Rain 

Join Rain during an exciting session that discusses how to build better user experiences and, in turn, more accessible and inclusive applications by Strengthening User Bonds Through Atomic (Component Based) Designs

Understand what atomic design means, how it works, and why Drupal is well suited for its methodology before learning how this translates to accessibility by creating stronger relationships and enhancing the overall user experience. 

This session is accessible for beginners, designers, themers, project managers, and anyone curious about how design and accessibility can come together to create amazing experiences, and contains concepts designed to challenge experienced web product creators.  

Are you ready to learn more about Drupal’s reliability to enhance your business and client experiences? At Stauffer, we offer customized hands on training, Accessibility remediation audits and services, and component-based design services that transform the user experience. Contact us today to learn more, or join us to DrupalCampLA to talk in person!

Did You Know...

Stauffer can help you navigate security considerations on your digital systems.

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