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What is DrupalCamp?
DrupalCamp is a free annual unconference-style Drupal training event, created for the goal of bringing people together in an environment accessible to everyone.

Brought out the big guns for a day of fun in the sun!

Knowledge is a fundamental tool for increasing competitive advantage in any industry. Thus, as a Platinum Sponsor of DrupalCamp LA 2017, it was essential that Stauffer brought out the big guns for a day of fun in the sun! Ergo a valuable collection of insights and experience brought to the podium by a phenomenal team of experts. Each discussion unique in its own right, providing Drupal freshmen a diverse set of views on varying topics. The informational training sessions are taught by some of the most sought-after Drupal experts in our community. Legends such as our very own Christopher Stauffer, Rain Breaw Michaels, and Oliver Seldman, who individually and collectively shared their knowledge and insight of Drupal with the next generation.

Agile Project Management

Presented by Christopher Stauffer
This session covered Stauffer’s custom flavor of Agile Methodology, in a practical and non-academic approach to Agile Project Management.

1. User Profiles
2. User Stories, Requirements Gathering & Documentation
3. Creation of Product Backlog
4. Sprint Planning
5. Sprint & Daily Scrum Calls
6. Deployment
7. Sprint Review

Finding A Work/Family Balance As A Drupal Professional

Presented by Rain Breaw Michaels
Finding a work/family balance as a Drupal professional may sometimes feel like you are walking a tight-rope, one misstep could be catastrophic. As a mother of two, a Drupal professional and Project Manager, Rain Breaw Michaels is constantly two steps ahead. Though the struggle is especially acute, it is nevertheless a reality for many individuals, including members of our own community.

This session centered around providing parents and guardians the essential tools and resources needed to effectively navigate work/family life. In addition to, Drupal business owners hoping to retain team members transitioning into family life.

It is possible to do both. It is awesome to be able to do both. However, it is not easy.

Please Note: Though the description encapsulates parenthood; The session covered the struggles of being a caregiver and professional, and was not limited to parenthood and children.

– Challenges, Solutions & Sacrifices
– Systemic Changes Drupal Organizations Implement To Improve Employee Work/Family Balance
– How To Make The Case For These Changes
– Why It Is Worth Their While

– AmyJune Hineline
– Oliver Seldman
– Steve Rifkin
– Rain Michaels

Fostering Diversity in The Professional Drupal Community

Presented by Rain Breaw Michaels
An honest panel discussion about the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion in the professional Drupal community, and what we can do to help. This session covered the following topics with respect to where our industry is today, how well it is doing and what we can do to make it better.

– Diversity & Inclusion
– Why It Is Important
– Unpaid-Emotional Burden & How It Can Be Mitigated
– Systemic Ways Organizations & Individuals Can Make A Difference
– Practical Policies That Shops & Organizations Can Implement To Power Inclusion

– Zakiya Khabir
– Ashok Modi
– Aimee Degnan

Views Demystified

Presented by Rain Breaw Michaels
New to Drupal? Views is your key to taking a Drupal site far beyond what you get out of the box. If you are comfortable with Views, the possibilities of what you can do with your site are almost limitless.

– Difference Between View Modes & Views
– Customizing Existing Views (Content, User Lists, Homepage, Etc..)
– Creating Various Types Of Displays With Views
– Properly Formatting Views
– Grouping Content In View Lists
– Contextualizing Content With Contextual Filters
– How Views Relationships Work & Why They Are VERY Cool
– Building Complex Filters For Selecting Content (and/or Including Operators)
– Exposing Filters On Views To give User’s A Sense Of Control Over Display

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