At Stauffer you will build a career. We partner accomplished developers with aspiring engineers. As a team we do more than simply write code. We draw from each employee’s diverse experience, unique perspective, and passion for innovation to create cutting edge solutions that wow. We are active in the drupal community and through a system of mentorship and training you will be too. We list our positions here, but feel free to contact us if you don't see anything open and think you'd be a great fit. Enthusiasm goes a long way with us.


Whether you’re a Senior Developer or a new CS graduate, you’ll learn directly from your Stauffer peers, while experimenting hands-on with the newest technology, open source and otherwise. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with clients like Eastbound & Down and DaGedar, developing and shaping projects from start to finish. And trust us, it feels darn good to be the genius behind the next big start-up

Here you will find some of Southern California’s best developers, without the attitude. Our inclusive and casual culture embraces Nerf guns and flips flops. We take our projects seriously, but not ourselves.

A career at Stauffer offers you:
Innovation – We take on the challenge of using the best technologies in new, exciting forms.
Collaboration – As a small, cohesive team, we are greater together than we are as individuals, and share in our collective success.
Professional Development – Every day we learn from our peers, our clients, and ourselves as we solve new, complex business and technology problems.
Benefits – Stauffer provides employees with medical and dental insurance, a company-matched 401k, and Paid Time Off. All developers get a brand new Mac Book Pro to use on the job, along with a comfy and stylish Herman Miller Chair.
Fun – We spend a third of our life at work - so it needs to be fun! We have a great time in our casual work environment near the beach. 


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