The Importance of Responsive Digital Products

Provide A Successful User Experience
November 12th, 2019

Increase Successful Results With Responsive Website Design

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Your digital products showcase your organization’s brand by communicating your message and mission — 24 hours a day; seven days a week. 

Each time your audience turns to your website or app for a solution, they will experience your brand through electronic devices of varying screen sizes and capabilities. They have one expectation of your platform: that it works for them. 

This means that ensuring your organization’s digital products are responsive can increase positive results simply by providing a successful user experience.

What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?

A responsive web design will display properly on any sized screen; it will automatically adjusting to the correct size no matter which device is used.

Responsively designed websites are often confused with mobile websites. However, they are very different. 

A mobile website is a completely separate website from the one usually seen on most full-screen computers. These sites are built to use only on a mobile device. A full-screen website will appear smaller on a smartphone and will not work properly on a touchscreen device, frustrating the user.

Responsive web design is self-intuitive, the website automatically orientates itself based on the screen size of the device, enhancing the user experience exponentially.

Why Is Responsive Web Design So Important?

Responsive web design reduces user frustration, which keeps visitors on your website longer. 

To improve brand experience and convert visitors into customers, a responsive web design provides an easy path for users to reach their goals.

Responsive web design also improves loading times and leaves little room for a frustrated user to “bounce” away to a different website.

Still need another reason? 

Google uses responsive design as a SEO ranking factor, which means this will boost your search ranking into a higher position compared to others.

Help Your Audiences Share Your Content

A website with responsive design can easily be shared via email, text, and social media — ensuring that everyone who clicks a shared link can view the page without a problem.

Enhancing the user’s experience changes the way they experience your brand, which can provide valuable data for understanding your target market. 

Responsive website design is a way to effectively improve your customer’s online experience. At Stauffer, we believe in empowering clients by delivering digital solutions that enhance market position. 

Contact us today to learn how we can successfully help to elevate your visibility starting right now.

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