Technicolor Experience Center

Full Website Design & Development
Responsive Design Across iPhone and iPad

Well Poised to Push the Boundaries.

Creativity is thriving at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC)

Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) is a division of Technicolor that is boldly challenging the boundaries of immersive experiences, through the skills of its creative brands and partners, and their large network of researchers and scientists. All who have come together to spur innovation and ideas towards the development of high-quality content, platforms, and technology for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), as well as other immersive media applications.

Located within the Blackwelder creative park district of Culver City, California, the TEC flagship office is a content creation playground. It has been specially designed to provide Technicolor artists, technologists, and partners, a purpose-built space to explore and create compelling immersive experiences.

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The Challenge

Enabling Partnerships & Collaboration.

As technology becomes inexorably more complex, advancements in User Experience (UX) that transcend beyond a user’s expectations should not fall far behind. Therefore, going into the development of Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), it was imperative that we deliver a unique immersive experience that invariably elicits a level of intimacy between the system and the end-user. The HTML5 generated animations, elements, attributes, and behaviors foster a more diverse and powerful website to deliver this experience.

Technicolor Experience Center pages optimized for iPad
The Solution

The Future of Immersive Experiences.

From organizing Technicolor’s partners, files, projects, and project downloads together, to the creation of a landing page that sweeps visitors away with a myriad of purple artifacts, which greet every action of their mouse. Page-by-page, users will fall in love with the design of the TEC’s website.