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U.S. Department of Justice

Web Accessibility on The DOJ’s Mind

Many companies have gone remote, and online shopping has become the norm. As a result, web accessibility has come under increased scrutiny. Internet usage is up 40 to 100 percent since the start of the pandemic. Web accessibility lawsuits are at an all-time high of over 10,000 cases a year.  The Department …

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A man wearing headphones and sunglasses sitting at a desk with a computer

Quick Fix to ADA Compliance? We Think Not.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that your website is accessible to everyone, whether they are disabled person or not. In order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many brands may be tempted to take advantage of companies that claim to have a quick fix for accessibility, like AccessiBe—but …

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Woman in an orange sweater is typing on a laptop

What is WCAG and 4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care

The internet was designed to be a tool to better our lives by virtually connecting the world in a way that had never been possible before. However, in the rush to populate the world wide web with compelling content and services, people with disabilities got left behind — and that’s where WCAG comes …

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laptop computer and smartphone displaying the same screen

The Importance of Responsive Digital Products

Your digital products showcase your organization’s brand by communicating your message and mission — 24 hours a day; seven days a week.  Each time your audience turns to your website or app for a solution, they will experience your brand through electronic devices of varying screen sizes and capabilities. They have one expectation of your platform: that …

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Face of a Smartphone Displaying Multiple Apps

Is Your Website Enough To Prioritize The User Experience?

Last year there were 194 billion app downloads, up from 178 billion in 2017. On average, U.S. consumers are spending five hours per day on their mobile devices, which makes apps an ideal way to connect with active users.  From finances to food delivery and entertainment to social media, apps have changed …

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people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime

Successfully Launch Your Company’s New Digital Product From the Inside Out

Months of resources and countless hours have gone into planning, developing, and testing your newest digital product. As you draw closer to the launch date, it is important to understand that once the website, app, or other digital product goes live, it is just the beginning of the process that ensures its …

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A full coffee cup basking in beautiful natural light from a window, with the word Begin

Does Your Web Design Successfully Tell Your Brand Story?

An effective website is more than the hub of your online marketing and lead generation efforts. It shares common goals with your competitors’ websites to build trust, add value, and convert visitors. So, what makes yours unique? You are establishing an audience and building a community that will grow your business and …

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A hand erasing the dis from the word disability, which is written on a chalkboard

Is Your Digital Experience Accessible? And why you need to care.

When we think of digital accessibility, we often think of edge cases or obnoxious advocates like me who keep pushing designers and developers to make changes that seem insignificant. That perception, however, couldn’t be more wrong. Read on to learn how it isn’t just wrong, but also incredibly risky, and may be directly stunting your success.


Review of Clean Architecture

In accordance with the theme of highlighting the importance of Software Architecture, and getting it right the first (sometimes second) time around, we have picked “Clean Architecture” as the STAUFFER book of the month. The book Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design by Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”), provides …

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Intermediate Views

STAUFFER | Intermediate Views

Presented by Oliver SeldmanTaking your understanding of Views to the next level! An intermediate session of Views, this discussion explored the depth and breadth of less obvious functionality, configurations, and customizations available with the Views module (in core in Drupal 8). Diving deep into add-on modules that extend View’s functionality, providing features and …

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House of Blues
House of Blues Body Image

Rockin' Out Across All Devices.

Founded by Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Tigrett, the first House of Blues location opened in Cambridge’s historic Harvard Square in 1992 and has since expanded into 12 venues across the United States. Now the premier destination for music, art, and food, the House of Blues is known worldwide for its education and celebration in the history of Southern culture, and the artistic contributions made by African American’s in music and art.

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