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Everything You Need to Know About Clubhouse

There always seems to be some new must-have app vying for our attention and the latest in the slew of social media apps is Clubhouse: An audio-only app with a focus on sharing ideas in rooms separated by subject.

While this could simply be another trend in the age of the smartphone, but Clubhouse has amassed over three million subscribers in a short time attracting the following of some heavy hitters like Elon Musk, Oprah, and a handful of major Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who regularly share their wisdom and listen in on the conversations — but what is the hubbub really all about?

Read on for some key Clubhouse highlights and how this app can be used as a tool for your business.

What is Clubhouse all about?

As we briefly mentioned above, Clubhouse is an audio-only app that is founded on the cornerstone of sharing ideas and information in separate virtual rooms.

Some rooms are public and others are invite-only, but pretty much everyone and anyone are able to create a room and start talking. Think of it as a virtual lecture hall or Q&A panel where people can speak their minds on any given subject.

Why audio only?

Its audio-only format is similar to that of podcasts, but unlike podcasts, Clubhouse’s content is not recorded or available for playback on demand.

The ephemeral nature of Clubhouse’s content leverages our natural fear of missing out — if you weren’t there to listen in live time, you will likely never hear it. As a result, users are spending an unprecedented amount of time on the app, searching for conversations about topics they’re interested in — whether to just listen in on the juicy details or actively chime in on the conversation.

So while you don’t have imagery or video to dazzle your listeners, it can be a fun place to hold impromptu conversations or advertise events with real-life interactions at your fingertips. Keep in mind, the more value you provide with your content, the more likely you are to see your audience grow with your returns.

Is Clubhouse invite-only?

Currently, Clubhouse is an invite-only app but it is inevitable that nearly everyone will get invited in at some point. The invite-only tactic is on-brand with their FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) marketing platform, which has worked well for them thus far. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that at the time of this article, Clubhouse has yet to come out with an Android app, making it exclusive to iPhone users. While they are working on an Android version, there is a large number of people who simply do not have access to the Clubhouse.

How do you have a meaningful and manageable Clubhouse experience?

The key to a successful venture into Clubhouse is to be incredibly strategic about the people, rooms, and clubs you follow.

If you follow any of these at random, you run the risk of seeing too many rooms you’re not interested in while also missing out on gaining valuable followers. On the other hand, if you’re careful with what and who you follow, it can lead to some valuable connections and interactions…

Bottom Line: Should you join?

All things considered, it can be worth it to join Clubhouse if you have the bandwidth to make it worthwhile.

It can be time-consuming to listen in on hours of dialogue, but you never know who or what opportunities might be waiting in every room — who knows, you might even learn something new that most of the world missed out on.

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