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Capturing Opportunities Throughout The Digital Journey

Remaining competitive in a digital landscape is a growing challenge for many organizations, simply because they are unsure where to begin when they are creating solution strategies.

“Should our website contain more rich content? Should we incorporate an app into our business model? How are we going to reach our audience(s) in a creative and valuable way? How do we maximize our opportunities to connect with our digital customers?”

These are the questions that drive online strategies. The challenge is deciding which solutions will meet your audience’s needs. And those answers are different for every organization.

Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Challenges. Together, we will outline your market position to understand your organization’s pressure points and integrate them into your strategy to achieve success.

In The Digital Age, You Need A Digital Marketing Plan

Building a successful plan means understanding the digital marketing process.  

Whether you are communicating with clients, advocates, or internal teams, your digital products must provide value and capture opportunities.

We will examine your objectives through a discovery process; this allows us to understand how to meet your organization’s needs with the right marketing campaign. 

Starting with the user research, we will learn which metrics you need to influence with your digital products and then design solution-strategies that connect with your target audience.

Ask Yourself: What Is Our Competition Doing?

Everyone, from the smallest not-for-profit to the biggest industry leaders, exists in a competitive environment; fundraising and activism campaigns alike require as much research as any revenue-driven strategy. Everyone is competing for an audience online.

Your organization’s differences will allow you to stand apart. Using this to your advantage will help you compete and win the attention of your audience.

Create Realistic Timelines To Achieve Your Goals

Due to budget constraints, staff limitations, and many other factors, conquering your organization’s digital needs will not happen overnight. How long should you take to see results?

Establishing a digital marketing plan will allow your organization to create a timeline for your overall success. Start by outlining your immediate needs; this could be anything from a website redesign to the incorporation of an app into your business model. 

Then align your organization’s objectives across departments, so you are not inadvertently creating obstacles to your long-term goals.

Your digital marketing plan should focus on what you want to accomplish in stages: this year, next year, and in five years. Keep in mind, the plan should be updated as each goal is completed, so you can adjust your needs from an evolved standpoint.

As technology advances, digital products grow and change; what may have been relevant to your plan last year may no longer be ideal.

Track Your Path To Digital Marketing Success

Create measurable goals that define what success looks like. Then you can start to understand if your digital marketing plan is working.

What are you trying to accomplish? More website traffic? Increased social media engagement? Or app downloads? How does each of these fit into the bigger picture for your organization?

Whether it is increased sales, fundraising goals, or campaigns that create awareness, consistent reviews of your performance metrics helps you to adjust your digital marketing impact. Because what gets measured, gets managed.

Let Us Help Guide Your Organization Forward

At Stauffer, we believe in creating tangible solutions from intangible digital products by focusing on the user experience.

Creating value for your audience achieves results that can be measured and adjusted to achieve success for your current campaign and long-term goals alike.

Contact our team of digital product professionals today and allow us to develop a digital marketing plan for you to achieve the results you need.

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Stauffer can help you navigate security considerations on your digital systems.

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