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Is Your Website Enough To Prioritize The User Experience?

Last year there were 194 billion app downloads, up from 178 billion in 2017. On average, U.S. consumers are spending five hours per day on their mobile devices, which makes apps an ideal way to connect with active users. 

From finances to food delivery and entertainment to social media, apps have changed the way we live, work, share, and gather.

An app that allows your organization to gain traction with your target audience can be a significant way to boost business, increase advocacy, and build your brand.

How Likely Is Your Target Audience To Use An App?

The goal of creating any digital product is to provide value by enhancing the user experience.

Apps come in many forms, and depending on your organization’s goals, the type of app that solves your clients’ needs can include:

  •  Mobile apps

  • Watch apps

  • Kiosk apps

  • Smart glasses apps

  • Apple TV/Roku/Smart TV apps

Your target demographic will play a large role in determining whether an app is right for your organization. Research, data, and analytics provide in-depth facts and figures that will outline how an app can add value to your organization’s business model.  

Determining The Value of Your Digital Product

The principal goal when creating an app is to enhance the overall user experience while aligning the company’s core business function.

Apps should provide additional functionality, convenience, and value to your mobile-optimized website by resolving existing user pain points.

Organizations need to identify when and where customers are interacting digitally. If your website is receiving excessive mobile traffic, that could signify that the majority of users want to engage with your brand on their smartphones. As a response, an app can provide a personalized, mobile experience for users to enjoy on the go purposefully.

In 2019, and even more so going forward, users want immediate, personalized communication. Apps provide an aligned experience that adapts to the users’ needs and preferences while allowing them to engage with content and information using the least amount of effort.

Consistent And Continual Brand Visibility

Creating an app opens yet another channel for users to interact with your brand. It not only enhances the user experience but also provides its own, unique brand experience.

Whether you are a not-for-profit group or a corporate entity, your organization’s app provides the opportunity to curate your brand into features that your users crave — all displayed through a preferred and purposefully designed platform.

When apps provide value for users, it strengthens customer-brand relationships, increases brand visibility, and reinforces a brand’s overall reputation.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Apps that provide value create more than brand ambassadors, their forward-thinking approach to creating user solutions allows organizations to stand out from their competitors. Not only will users recognize that your organization is providing answers to their pressing needs, but reinforce your organization’s foresight in identifying potential challenges as they evolve.

What’s more, is the app’s features will allow your organization to understand engagement metrics including active users, market penetration, and the duration and frequency of its use on all platforms, delivering a complete view of the mobile user journey across the app.

Once the app is live, your organization can track and monitor competitor market share, growth trends, and rank trends over time, delivering a competitive advantage. 

Need Help Outlining Your Digital Product Needs?

Implementing digital products begins with outlining your organization’s goals. At Stauffer, we provide valuable insight through discovery that delivers tangible and easy to digest data that allows you to understand the end-users’ behaviors, which can help you make an informed decision regarding strategy, application design and development, and support plans that deliver value.

Sharpen your competitive edge by gaining an in-depth understanding of the digital product landscape by contacting Stauffer today for more information on how to enhance your audience’s customer journey and overall user experience.

 Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

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