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Improving Digital Products Through Internal Communication

At Stauffer, we pride ourselves on being a company people are proud to work for, and that begins with purposeful communication.

Our growth is dependent on our client successes, and when clients come to us with ideas, challenges, and objectives, we creatively deliver solutions through expertise in designing, developing, and launching unique digital products that translate to victories.

We create results by adapting our goals to align with our clients’ objectives to further our internal strength and the organizations’ positions in their respective markets. 

Reinforcing Our Policies, Professionalism & Client Commitment

Purposeful work that produces results for your audience and your business begins with partnering with a digital products company whose principles continue to expand and evolve to empower their internal teams.

To provide the best solutions for our clients, we took a step back and outlined our mission to define our character and brand with updated company values.

We understand that our success starts on the inside, which allows us to focus on setting goals to aid in personal development, which allows our teams to curate specific and measurable objectives that are attainable, relevant, and time-bound to create a meaningful focus.

A flexible and adaptive work environment spurs creativity and prompts successful collaboration, which allows our teams to thrive. However, purposeful goal setting is also derived from a cohesive atmosphere that insists on consistent working hours and open calendars, making communication the priority, so we remain firmly planted in our dedicated availability to clients.

Building Better Digital Products With Internal Cross-Training

At Stauffer, we offer digital product services that require the collaborative expertise of many different teams, including designers, developers, user experience professionals, and other highly skilled professionals who are instrumental in our clients’ successes.  

Cross-training in more than one role or skill allows each of our team members to share their intelligence, so we understand each other’s roles, requirements, challenges, and overall skill sets.

Whether it is an engineer discussing our approach to surpassing industry standards with efficient network security details for digital products, or a senior engineer expounding on increased developer speed, efficiency, and command through alternate PHP frameworks, we hold ourselves to a higher standard that encourages empathy, inclusivity, and partnerships.

Clear Requirements Create Alliances That Generate Solutions

Part of our value as a digital product partner is that we begin each campaign by outlining each client’s unique needs. This isn’t a new philosophy, to be sure. 

However, when we start any project by placing ourselves in the user’s position, it allows us to understand the client’s brand, political landscape, existing legacy systems, and constraints; all of which places the digital product users’ needs first. Clients come to us with challenges and objectives. We deliver a specialized approach to providing solutions for their end users, so the finalized digital product not only satisfies their requirements but surpasses their expectations.

Clearly Defined Goals Allow Us To Build Superior Digital Products

Through our valuable discovery process, we can fully focus on, and define, what we are building.

It is important to set goals and objectives when creating a new digital product, which will allow us to identify Key Performance Indicators and measure those KPIs throughout the process.

Once defined, we create a structured outline of how we will build value, including:

  • User Stories

  • Sitemaps

  • Wireframes

  • Back-end Specifications

  • Content Specifications

User Stories

User stories are brief descriptions that include valuable and relevant information about your users. They help us create user journeys, which predicts how users will get to the content they care about most.


A sitemap is a list of pages organized in a hierarchical fashion to give us a better understanding of how we will build your product. It will help us identify pain points and create a better overall user experience.


Wireframes are a set of pages that display the functional elements of your product. Their purpose is to establish functional and structural guidelines for design.

Back-end Specifications

Back-end specifications define a subordinate processor or program, not directly accessed by the user, which performs a specialized function on behalf of a main processor or software system. Simply put, it is the developed code that makes your digital process operate properly in the background of its purposeful design.

Content Specifications

Content specs help us plan for the various types of content your digital product will display. It allows us to anticipate and plan for your future content updates and ultimately help us deliver the best user experience.       

Sometimes Plans Change: We Adapt.

The importance of outlining clear client and end-user requirements is paramount to delivering valuable digital products.

Failing to discover the essential purpose behind our partnerships can lead to our team reworking projects when details get lost in translation, which ultimately can lead to missed deadlines, budget overages, internal discord, and unhappy clients.

Avoiding the latter requires stringent internal protocols and procedures, including our commitment to implementing discovery phases before outlining an organized approach to solving our clients’ needs. 

Fluid partnerships and solution-focused procedures allow our clients to gain valuable insight into how their objectives are met, and we understand that sometimes plans change. We adapt to these scenarios by anticipating the next steps, maintaining focus on the objective, and providing continued effective solutions.

Get to know Stauffer, and our ability to produce results for our clients’ biggest challenges through some of our partnerships, including system integration development solutions, web design and development, combined with an integrated branding and marketing campaign, expansive corporate website design and development, and other exciting case studies that showcase our commitment to producing quality digital products that create valuable user experiences.

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