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Content Rich Digital Products Enhance The User Experience

Whether you are targeting advocates, brand ambassadors, or a boost in sales, your audience is dynamic, and want to be treated as such when they arrive at your virtual doorstep.

In an online-all-the-time society, your digital products represent more than your product, service, or purpose — they represent how you perceive your audience, their intelligence, interactive needs, and end-user requirements.

From websites to apps and internal applications to system management integration, the content displayed throughout your digital products must effectively guide your audience to an advanced and trusted relationship with your organization to effectively reach your combined goals.

Content Rich Opportunities That Help Build Valuable Relationships

No matter the digital product, the purpose of its creation is to provide users with an optimized experience that informs, educates, and, in some cases, converts.

Guiding users through a positive user experience begins with a rich content structure.

Content rich opportunities are implemented in varying capacities, including:

  • Copywriting

  • Testimonials

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • Images, Illustrations, and Videos

Substance-Driven Copy

Developing valuable and relevant content requires more than quick wit and splashy headlines. Your organization’s message requires a sincere approach to delivering information that digital product users will find valuable. That means providing content that will actually benefit the audience, instead of publishing fluff that fills pages. Content rich success across each platform begins with succinct, valuable, and informative copy that leads the visitor through the partnership process.

In addition to the words themselves, content optimization through the use of proper keywords and anchor text, internal linking, linking to authority sites, and content length are key on-page SEO optimization practices that are necessary for reaping the full benefits of content rich digital products.

Posting relevant, valuable, and frequently updated information throughout your digital products allows organizations to build trusted relationships with their audiences.

Positive Testimonials

Whether they are clients, advocates, volunteers, or partners, testimonials — or reviews — provide a connection that reiterates your organization’s commitment to providing exceptional value in your area of expertise.

Testimonials establish a trusted line of communication that builds credibility with your audience through the form of a formal statement that testifies to your organization’s character and qualifications.

Valuable Case Studies   

User experiences begin with visitors taking a proverbial lap around your digital products, seeking a connection. And instead of touting your purpose in an attempt to “sell” the reader, case studies advance your resolve from a third-party’s perspective.

By definition, a case study is an instance of something used or analyzed to illustrate a thesis or principle. 

At Stauffer, we believe case studies are more than just data. They are compelling stories.

When case studies are integrated into the content, they bring products, services, advocacy, activism, and calls to action to life.

Case studies can be applied through:

  • Blog posts

  • Interactive presentations

  • PDFs

  • Infographics

  • Videos

Stories are one of the best ways to activate users’ brains to get them to remember not only what you are trying to achieve — but what you are trying to achieve together.

Informative White Papers

Described as an authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue, white papers may often seem intimidating to organizations who are seeking valuable content for their digital products. They are usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution and are written as sales and marketing documents used to entice or persuade visitors to learn more about a product, service, technology, or methodology.

White papers are an exciting opportunity to provide convincing and factual evidence to solve a problem or challenge by explaining how the organization’s goals are achieved.

Compelling Images, Illustrations & Videos

Effective and compelling content does not always come in the form of text. Images, illustrations, and videos communicate important messages that engage audiences through a format that requires less effort than reading extended copy blocks.

Images, illustrations, and videos explain difficult concepts through formats that are easy to consume while assisting users in making informed decisions.

What Are The Benefits of Content Rich Digital Products?

To effectively connect with your audience, they must first be able to find you, and once they arrive at your digital platform, the content must be informative, useful, and targeted to keep them there.

Content rich digital products provide:

  • Enhanced search engine optimization 

  • Inclusive user experiences

  • Increased interaction

  • Definitive resources to inform and share

  • Targeted calls to action

  • Improved brand awareness

Purposeful Design & Development Play A Large Role When Integrating Enhanced Content

Effective design and development work in harmony with digital product content, as it supports the advanced message by strengthening its delivery in a visual, easy-to-process manner.

When design and development work in tandem with the content and branding, the finished product emphasizes strengths, core business values, and ultimately directs users to take action.

Would you like to learn more about how content rich digital products enhance the user experience? Contact us today to discover tailored solutions for your organization’s unique needs. 

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