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Defining Our Character And Brand With Updated Company Values

Since 2001, the Stauffer team has been building for what’s next to remain at the leading edge of the interactive digital landscape. We are purposefully driven by new techniques and constantly learning from those that led us through nearly two decades of building a Full-Service Digital Agency.

The digital landscape — both then and now — is in constant growth and flux, which requires our firm to be fluidly innovative. That means never standing still, challenging ourselves at every turn, and propelling ourselves forward by evaluating and updating our company values to ensure they define our character and brand.  

We are:

  • Lifelong Learners
  • Empowering
  • Driven
  • Resourceful

Our work quality is sustained by our company values, and our principles continue to expand and evolve to empower our teams and encourage their development, so we can continue to build meaningful solutions for our clients, partners, and our community.

Continuously Learning. Constantly Improving.

Stauffer specializes in vetted open source solutions to build quality, robust systems that remain flexible as new technologies emerge and systems expand.

Our agency is driven by digital technology, which means we are continuously learning as new techniques emerge, and others become outdated. Providing the solutions necessary to keep our clients at the top of their industries requires us to remain fluid in the technological ebb and flow — or go out with the tide.

Research, partnerships, networking, continued education, and community involvement allow us to provide a true commitment to both our clients and our agency’s growth.

There’s always more information. More value. More solutions. And we will continue to guide our company’s actions based on those principles.

Empowering Our Teams Through Trust And Collaboration  

Every one of our team members has been bolstered by mentors, and we believe in doing the same for those around us. We are active participants in the open-source community, offer training and guidance while hosting Drupal meetups, and share our knowledge freely with the realization that this also ensures that we continue to learn and grow ourselves. 

For the past decade we have supported DrupalCampLA, and are honored to participate in the upcoming DrupalCampLA 2019 to share our passion for being more than part of a digital technology community, but a source for inclusion and trust, promoting diversity by using our core values as the benchmark for everything that we do as a company. 

Driven. Passionate. Bold.

Direct, open, and honest communication allows our agency to focus on long-term optimization that allows our teams to take ownership of their successes and build from more than their triumphs but the challenges that shaped the process.

Our success depends on the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all of our team members, and we are all passionate about our roles and continued growth.

Resourceful. Imaginative. Inspired.

Any project can have challenges, perhaps even ones we’ve never seen before. When objectives are met with obstacles, there is no time for frustration. Instead, an opportunity to become inspired.

We collectively focus on solutions and lean on each other’s savvy to produce results — no matter the circumstances.

We welcome these opportunities and approach them with grace, calm, and self-assurance. We are confident in our knowledge and expertise and know we can handle the unexpected.

How Do Our Company Values Set Us Apart?

At Stauffer, we believe our core values shape our company culture in a meaningful way.

We are:

  • Small enough to offer an exclusive experience
  • Flexible enough to customize project management to each client’s unique needs
  • Large enough to support complex and adjusting demands that produce scalable results

While integrity and hard work are attributes we share, we have chosen to update our company values to ensure our identity remains singular.

We are not like other digital agencies. We immerse ourselves in the nuances of each client relationship and value opportunities to remain agile to address unique project needs.  

If you would like to learn more about our cultural cornerstones, and how we leverage our principles to produce results for our clients, contact us today for more information.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Did You Know...

Stauffer can help you navigate security considerations on your digital systems.

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