Review of Clean Architecture

In accordance with the theme of highlighting the importance of Software Architecture, and getting it right the first (sometimes second) time around, we have picked “Clean Architecture” as the STAUFFER book of the month.

The book Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design by Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”), provides readers with an in-depth look into designing clean and good Application Architecture. The book walks the reader through similar decisions that they may need to make, thus ensuring that they design and build exceptional architecture, and not just “good enough.”

In the book, Mr. Martin goes over many important details in architecture design, such as the core principles of both software architecture and design, what high-level structures to use in different situations, how designs can go wrong, and much more. A Great read for anyone who finds themselves in the role of a software architect.

However, this book may not be to everyone’s liking. For instance, it may not be the right fit for someone seeking a book with a large amount of code, as it is more skewed to design and good practices than actual coding. Additionally, some may find Mr. Martin’s many anecdotes and stories to be overdone, and others may love them.

In the end, Mr. Martin provides a well-written, in-depth look into how to design clean and first-rate software architecture. It is worth the read for anyone who finds him or herself in any software leadership role or wants to grow their skills architecture patterns.

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