Chris Stauffer, CEO

Chris Stauffer CEO

Christopher Stauffer’s passion for problem solving is the first thing you’ll notice about him. He brings limitless energy and broad insight to every project. 

Christopher’s career began at Deloitte Consulting in 1999. Since then he has consulted for Toshiba, Nestle, Sony Music, Lexus, Fun Mobility, Fox, American Airlines, Universal Pictures, Associated Production Music, and InfoSpace to name a few. At InfoSpace he managed mobile content storefronts for cellular phone service companies: Cingular, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Samsung, Dobson, and Rogers.

Having lead developers on a variety of projects including java-based mobile phone applications, advanced LAMP systems, Drupal development, and senior level database management and configuration, Stauffer knew he could utilize his business and technology prowess to build his own team. As the name implies, Christopher started Stauffer Inc. in 2001. His specialized knowledge of open-source web and mobile development has attracted others like him: Brilliant engineers who strive to help businesses and organizations better use the technology available to them. 

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