“Capture The Wonder In Between”


The Client

Situated within the sprawling streets of Los Angeles, CA, RELM (Previously Melendrez) is home to some of the most remarkable and unrivaled landscape designers in the industry. An architecture and urban design company, RELM has dedicated the past 30 years of practice into a new studio dedicated to urbanism, connectivity and design.

Well awarded, RELM has assisted in the design of some of the most picturesque locales around America. A few of these projects include VDARA (Las Vegas, NV), Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA), Griffith Observatory Historic Renovation (Los Angeles, CA), and USC University Village (Los Angeles, CA) to name a few.

In the summer of 2016, RELM was selected by Crescent Heights to landscape a new 77-story residential tower in Chicago, IL. 

The Goal

New Year. New Look. New RELM.

After countless years of success in the industry, Melendrez was eager to cultivate something new. The challenge, they had 45 days to achieve it and we had 45 days to build it. 

Now facing a rebrand and redesign over the holiday season, we got to work!

The Solution

Leveraging our superior delegation skills, we quickly assigned our experienced developers and engineers to the job. With a high degree of urgency and tact, we continued to place quality at the forefront. Sequentially, designing one of the most awe-inspiring sites we have ever built. Not to mention in the shortest amount of time.

The Result

A beautifully constructed website, breathtaking imagery and flawless design. Functionality at its best.

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