The Client

Nestlé, whose origins can be traced back as far as 1866, when the first European condensed milk factory was opened in Cham, Switzerland, by the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. Was founded by Henri Nestlé, a trained pharmacist who launched one of the world’s first prepared infant cereals ‘Farine lactée’ in Vevey, Switzerland. 

Today, with over 140 years in operation, Nestlé corporate business principles continue to be the basis of the company’s culture. These principles reflects the ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term thinking.

The Goal

Nestlé realized that with a global customer base, they needed a cohesive web presence to connect their diverse customers to the Nestlé world. It was important to the organization that its identity be consistent across all web portals internationally and that users across all levels of the organization could update each sites with ease. This meant the language and culture, along with the territory’s business objectives would need to to be adequately considered and represented. Additionally, Nestlé wanted to create a content and image library that would be accessible by administrators at each location. As well as a way to engage its customers and primarily food services organizations, by allowing them to order products through the site and access applicable information.

The Solution

In the initial phase of the project, Stauffer interviewed stakeholders from 13 global Nestlé subsidiaries to determine how best to proceed. The result, Stauffer and the Nestlé team decided on a web services architecture that would allow all Nestlé food service websites to be developed and managed under one platform. In addition, Stauffer built an enterprise level, custom content management system and conducted all business analysis to support this process. Simultaneously, the Stauffer team helped Nestlé prioritize feature requests, merging regional business objectives with overarching company goals. 

In building the site’s infrastructure, Stauffer accommodated every language, culture and unit of measurement for each unique location. As well as a full CRM implementation to handle customer interactions with operators and distributors, including e-commerce capabilities. In the end, reporting functions were aggregated for local, regional, and global markets and Stauffer’s architecture now powers over 500 Nestlé sites. 

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