Cornell Diversity

The Client

Founded in 1865, Cornell University has fostered a diverse and inclusive community which they believe is the foundation for a meaningful exploration and exchange of ideas. Since inception, Cornell University has made it a mission to encourage a collaborative culture among all members of the campus community. Since this time, Cornell University continues to be a trailblazer in regard to diversity. In addition to, a place where intercultural skills are developed and enacted among diverse campus constituencies, community partners, as well as within the classroom and workplace.

The Goal

Cornell University wanted to showcase and celebrate its inclusive culture and diverse student groups, while including the school’s overarching brand identity and style within a cohesive user platform. While the goal was to put forth this aspect of the university in a memorable and user friendly way, it was also of the utmost importance that the Cornell marketing and administration teams could update the new site with ease. However, some concern regarding their lack of technical knowledge was at play, and this could inevitably make for a difficult task.

The Solution

Utilizing Drupal 7, the Stauffer team developed a Cornell sub-domain website which highlights the University’s commitment to inclusion, community and cultural diversity. 

Although Drupal is known for it’s easy to maintain platform, Stauffer’s commitment to quality of service would not allow us to complete the project without providing the Cornell staff with training videos which detail how each piece of content can be updated. These comprehensive, high quality videos are a valuable resource that can be utilized any time the Cornell staff has questions, adds new employees, or delegates administrative functions to other staff members.

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