The Client

Owned by Prometheus Global Media, is a reputable company famed for its weekly tracking of the most popular singles and albums in music today.

The Project

Faced with a static and uncaptivating website, Billboard took some advice from Bob Dylan that The Times They Are A-Changin' and they needed to too. Stauffer, in partnership with Billboard's existing development team collaborated to engineer a contemporary front end. Together, we created a plan that would bring to life a dynamic music experience interlaced with a legacy code base containing a myriad of articles published from a global team of content contributors. 

The Goal

Prepare for a future editorial workflow that would allow content to be delivered to various platforms effortlessly (i.e.. web sites, phone apps, TV apps, developer API's) without the need to duplicate content in different back ends.

The Solution

Leveraging the use of Drupal and Twig (a flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP), we helped engineer an impressive and responsive site design. The new provides users an enjoyable and connected experience.

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