It is well understood within the tech community that most of our executives started out as being highly technical; in the trenches writing code for 15 hours a day.  Like many journeyman professions, the more successful you are at your skillset, the more likely you’ll be rewarded with larger, higher profile, projects.  The master developers among us are often asked to lead within our organizations and eventually take on such diverse responsibilities as scrum leader, mentor, technical lead, and eventually, the role of technology executive.  However, within this natural progression there are many shortfalls, of which the lack of the right education for the new executive is paramount.  


Over time, they realize their coding skills are no longer directly relevant to their daily responsibilities.  Gone are the zen like days of code writing and total control over their daily tasks.  ROI, project profitability, development methodology, recruiting, and staff retention rule their days.  Alas, where is our budding executive going to learn these new skills?  Books?  Friends?  By making $20,000 mistakes?  

There is a better way.


Attention all technology executives that have been forced to learn things the hard way!  Please come share your divine knowledge and experience with the Drupal Community at DrupalCon Los Angeles!  Sign up to deliver a session covering your own most important lessons learned. Click here for a list of sessions!


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